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Thank you for visiting our store! Please let us know what you would like to get by filling in this form. Please allow up to 2 days for us to get back to you since we reply to orders manually.  If you do not receive a reply after a few days, please contact us at Ki.Hiwatari@gmail.com. Thank you!
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Mailing Address

Please enter your address if you are not picking up your items at local conventions.
Items Wanted

Please let me know what items you want to buy. You can use the code of the item or just indicate the type of item, the series and the character name etc.
Example: Button - Bleach - Ichigo
Commissions/Custom Items

Please let me know if you are ordering a commission or a custom-made item. Name & series of existing anime character or an image of OCs are needed (links will be helpful). You can also email me at Ki.Hiwatari@gmail.com with all the details of your order. Please be as specific as possible.

Anything you would like to add about the order or just general comments. Suggestions for new store items are welcome too!
Shipping Method *

By default it is Canada Post surface mail for Canada and air mail for other countries. Please let me know if you want to use specific courier services to include extra security such as tracking number and signature on receipt.  Extra charges may apply which will be provided after a quote is obtained.

Stamps Rewards

If you are part of the stamp rewards program, please provide your nickname so points can be added to your account for this purchase. If you would like to join the rewards program (it's free to join!) please refer to the Stamp Rewards page on the store website.
Redeeming Stamps

If you are in the Stamp Rewards program and would like to redeem your stamps for items, please let use know what items you want. Please note that shipping will still be charged for the free items.
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